2004 - 2016

Primary and Middle School

Saudi Arabia 

2017 - 2020

High School



One semester in the college Of Computer Science


2021- 2022

  • Tömer (Turkish Language Course)

  • YÖS (Foreign students' test for Turkish universities)

Istanbul | Turkey


Faculty of Engineering, Bursa Technical University




University registration officer and salesman at TURK STUDY company

- Educate customers about the field of Turkish      education system.
- Registration on universities and follow-up            applications.
- handling documents needed for universities'      applications.

JAN 2022

One of the founders of TÜRK STATION Co. Ltd.

In January of this year, I decided with three of my friends to set up a limited group to provide services to tourists and students coming to Turkey, and I was responsible for the educational part of the company.

What I have provided to the company:

- I created a website for the educational part of the company and provided it with all the information constantly.

- I created, prepared and managed social media pages.


- I applied for seven students to public universities and registered for one student at Istanbul Kent University.

- I received and dealt with all student inquiries related to studying in Turkey. 

In March, we hired another person for registration and social media management, and I was free to communicate with clients and manage the site.

JUN 2022

Customer service specialist and Educational Consultant at GÜNEŞLİ EDU. GROUP 


- Communication with customers and receive all inquiries coming from ( Messenger - WhatsApp group - My work number on WhatsApp)

You can view some of the tasks and projects that I accomplished in my previous work from Here

& Expertise

General Skills : ​

  • Searching in Google;  I know how to search for information from the Internet and how to collect data on a particular topic.                       

  • Organizing, which includes:                                - Organizing work and arranging tasks in order of priority so that the work is completed in the greatest degree of organization and productivity.                           - Organizing the way information is presented to the client, whether the response is in writing or in an audio recording.                 - Organizing the office at work and organizing my personal life outside work.                   

  • Critical thinking and thinking outside the box to find solutions to problems.                               

  • Creativity, I find myself a creative person and I do not need a lot of time to integrate into a field and start adding more to it.                               

  • Motivation, Flexibility.                                                    

  • Superior computer knowledge and skills in general, Microsoft Office, web design, use of various programs, etc.                                           

  • Attention to detail (which can sometimes be a negative trait) but in general I can classify it as a skill that helps me master what I do.                           

  • I have a background in marketing, I did promotions for TurkStation

Communication Skills :

  • Tact in dealing with the customer, focusing on gaining his personal confidence is a priority before focusing on providing service to him.                                                                        

  • Knowing the client’s age, nationality, social position and other details, are simple things that may not matter much, but for me, they are important factors that I use to create an appropriate method of dialogue that differs from one client to another.                                           

  • The skill of working in a team was one of the most difficult skills for me in the beginning, but I began to overcome this problem with time when I began to engage in teamwork in my last place of work and I became sufficiently knowledgeable about how to deal with others in the same team, accept difference and try to dispel misunderstanding by discussing opinions to reach to what is in the interest of the company not what satisfies the parties.                                                                                    

  • Emotional intelligence, I have a great ability to understand the nature of the person I deal with and know how to use the appropriate method for him in dialogue.

Languages :

   اللغةَ العربية ، أُجيدها حدَّ الإتقان ، أبرعٌ في قواعدها الإملائيةِ والنحوية ومخارجُ حروفها عندي لاتُظلمُ حقها ، أُحبها وأفخر بإجادتها ، وأعرف كيف أوظفها كما يجب

  • English, Limited working proficiency, I can read, write and listen, but I do not speak it fluently enough yet.

  • Türkçe, Sınırlı çalışma yeterliliği.





I had no manager or boss

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